At this year’s Leva & Fungera 26-28 March 2019 KR welcomes you into a warm and homely apartment at stand C04:19. Here you can experience the multifunctional Care and Hospital Bed OPUS 5. An innovative bed and an efficient work tool in one that challenges and optimizes work procedures in and around hospital and caregiver environments, with special attention to:

– The safety, comfort, security and self-help capacity of the patient.
– The safety, work environment and efficiency of the staff.

OPUS 5 – the main functions:
– 0-10 degrees lateral tilt to both sides for easy and gentle rearrangement, transfer and care.
– Exit and mobilization from the foot (bed turns into a chair) end for greater motivation and independence.
– Pre-programmed and ergonomically correct sitting, eating and resting positions.

Users say
At this very moment over 800 OPUS 5 Beds are in action on the Danish and Norwegian markets and more are on their way. On the basis of this we receive regular feedback from the market about where and how OPUS 5 makes a difference. Here is a small selection:



“The patient becomes less agitated when turned, using the lateral tilt function of the bed”.

Hanne Lisbeth H. Hassan, Social and Health Assistant at the Care Center Torndalshave in The Municipality of Hvidovre, Denmark.



“The bed makes the work easier, when helping or moving the patient in the bed. It gives us fewer heavy lifts and therefore fewer injuries”.

Kate Poulsen, Social and Health Assistant at the Institution Bøge Allé in Ribe, Denmark.



“Since we started using the OPUS 5 Bed, the morning ritual of getting the patient out of bed has gone from lasting over an hour to being done in 15 minutes and now with only one care worker, where before there were three”.

Tina, Care Worker at the Institution Åmoseparken for multi-handicapped citizens in The Municipality of Esbjerg, Denmark.



“The lateral tilt function of the bed saves us a lot of effort when turning and repositioning the patients. In addition, it is gentler on the patients as well”.

Majbritt Aagaard, Project Manager for the Innovation Department at Randers Regional Hospital in Central Jutland.

Christina Sabinsky and Liv-Janne Hansen is looking forward to welcoming you to our stand C04:19.